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  • Øivind Breen

"Everything OK Mr Breen". Small words. Big attitude. This is a peoples business.

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

We all know the most beautiful nature and memorable moments might be destroyed or lifted by people. To have the right human resources doing and delivering the right thing defines the quality experienced.

In Ving our internal slogan was «to become orange» and this was not HR or marketing alone, the culture was lived from the top and through the entire organization - at home and abroad

The travel industry is a peoples business - this is both an academic perspective and proven through cases over years. When i was studying business administration I chose to specialize in service management. Ever since I worked at the tour-operator Ving and was a part of the staff training the Ving-hosts to become «orange» my attention has beed directed towards the human element of delivering quality experiences.

Contributing to get the right people and the right culture is the essence of delivering in the travel-industry.

Our approach is always different, but to use a customer-perspective is always right. In this way we define the qualities and reasons to why you is chosen, which implies the reason for you being in business. We define this in ways that will lead to decisions and implementation of clarity, competence, culture, expectations, attitude… We in The Norway Experience will help you recruiting and to train your staff.

"Everything ok Mr Breen?"

This happened between London and Singapore, somewhere over Usbekistan. It was in the middle of the night and I left seat 5E to go for a walk and to visit the toilette. Afterwards I walked to one of the small pantries you find onboard a 747. As I approached the pantry a smiling stewardess smiled and talked in a low, mild voice."Is everything ok Mr Breen?"

I have travelled with dozens of airlines, but I was never as impressed as my first trip with Singapore Airlines. The scent, smiles, the pleasant service, the soundtrack and personality was just as expected. But there was more…

I smiled back at her and answered yes thank you, but could I have a glass of water, please?

Of course sir. Water in a glass was received. And a small bottle to bring back to 5E. But it was not the water that impressed. Not the expected smile either. How could she know I was mr Breen? It was not close to 5E. It was in the middle of the night. I do not have a badge with my name - not on my forehead, not on my shirt, not at all. The answer is simple and that is what impressed me.

They care. They have build a culture that is in their spine.

This nice stewardess works in a culture where they take pride in making the passenger feel seen, almost at home, feel appreciated. I, as a passenger, was important to them… This is the human element. I would have been perfectly happy with some water without a Mr Breen. But it was that little extra. It was the reason why I tell this story and talk so well about Singapore Airlines?

It was this little detail: »Everything ok Mr Breen?"

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