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  • Knut Harald Marius Holst-Hansen

Running and developing one of the largest, land-based Traveling Company in Norway.

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

Executive Summary:

The Company in mention had had several years with quite good results, but the owners and the BOD thought that both the revenue and the contribution (EBITDA) was far away of the potential the Company had.

I was hired as the new CEO and approached the task by analyzing the actual situation the Company was in, with regards to find growth opportunities. This was in fact a growth-case, not a cost-cut case, and the first challenge I faced was to convince the very competent top- management team that substantial growth was possible. They needed to believe in both the new targets and their own abilities to achieve them.

A great deal of leadership was necessary, and after working closely with the challenges, the management team started to both believe and deliver. We all learned the magic of what a good culture means during this process. Business plans is nice, but only techniques, Culture is people, feelings, and values. What Peter Drucker once said “Culture eats Strategies for breakfast” is quite true.

  • The Management Team analyzed the entire situation of the Company, and with new targets, this list of activities/tasks to be done were:

  • Develop all-year products to avoid periods with loss

  • Repositioning of the different Hotel-concepts according to Market segments

  • Change and rebuild according to new standards

  • Initiate several customer programs, more active in targeted countries

  • Full focus on selling packages, longer stays including Hotel, Food & Beverage and Activities

  • Change of activity-concepts based on higher utilization of assets,

  • Product development, new high-end products

  • New pricing based on the repositioning model, all products

  • Chang of organization, more effective routines, and more effective operations

  • Focus on better cooperation with competitors, local and central authorities

  • New management tools in order to control the entire business

The next 4 years the Company delivered all-time high each year and become one of the most profitable land-based Travelling Businesses in Norway. The average key numbers of the operation increased, number of guests increased, no more low-seasons and the running cost per guest was lowered.

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