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  • Øivind Breen

To define the position of a place or destination is one part strategy and one part poetry

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

I have worked with strategy as long as I remember, but I have also worked as a copywriter. And my mantra is that a picture might say a thousand words, but the right words will tell you everything.

I bring a soft approach to The Norway Experience. Not that I don´t understand the spreadsheets and the analysis, but it is a fact that a strategy does not create results. It is what you do, what you say, the way you behave that makes the results. The language is here to be used. To flirt and convince, to sell and make friends. The right words touch hearts and establish the connection between traveler and service provider.

Feel alive

Working with the region in Norway called Nordland we met several challenges. The challenge was to position a region with som many different sides and destinations, four seasons that in themselves could represent different seasons. The approach was to use the hard facts and interpret them with a romantic view. We searched for the soul of the region, we looked at the promise «the most beautiful coastline in the world», but we left it all and became personal. Nordland is the place to feel alive. The weather might be calm or furious. The sun might shine in the middle of the night or never appear. It might be rainy, stormy, clear or wrapped in the northern lights… You may go outside, enjoy living and feel alive.

Other examples

The wildest Norway can offer. Romsdalen

Tromsø does not sleep in the summer. Neither should you

A complete Arctic destination. Snowhotel Kirkenes

Do you dare to be alone with yourself. Rondane Nationalpark.

A new generation hospitality. Reso Hotels

The Gateway to Wilderness. Camp Tamok

Where the road ends, adventure begins. Å in Lofoten

The objective of a slogan is not to make «poetry»

It is not poetry. Of course not. These are positioning statements. The purpose is how to use it to develop. To chase a position in the market, to connect to the content of the customer journey, to build culture, recruit, train, set expectations to quality, to be aware of what your brand is about.

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